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This Thing Inside

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1 This Thing Inside on Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:42 pm


This Thing Inside
Written By: A.J. Towe

Dedications: Jemma Gray, Spencer Sipple, and all of those who beg me for more of my own literature.

Part i

The Average Son

Mrs. Fray, of number 28, Prefront Drive, was proud to say she and her son were perfectly normal, thank you very much. She was now a single woman, who lived with just her son, Glenn Fray. Just average, no nonsense.
Mrs. Fray worked as the director of a local firm called Silverdiggers, which made drills. Mrs. Fray was thin and short and had a very dark shade of brown hair. Glenn was only 16 years old. Glenn's hair seemed to be pure black, and it reached down to the top of both of his eyes. Glenn Fray also inherited the height of his mother and the muscular build of his missing father.
The Frays possessed everything they wanted now, but Mrs. Fray couldn't get over how her husband had gone missing just 3 short years ago. It had been decided just a couple of months ago that Mr. Fray woulodn't have just ran off, he was probably dead. This was a well hidden secret to most of the outside world, as Mrs. Fray tried to not associate with people outside of her work. Her parents had both died more than 10 years ago, and he missing husband's parents had both died even more time before her own parents had died. She had no brothers or sisters, and neither did her missing husband. Mrs. Fray just didn't feel like telling most people of how her once beloved husband was now gone.
When Mrs. Fray woke up on the foggy, gray Wednesday our story starts, there was absolutely nothing about the cloudy sky that would suggest anything pleasant might happen today.
Mrs. Fray still didn't notice the odor emitting from the basement. That white, seemingly usesless basement possessed a much darker side that not even Mrs. Fray knew about.
At half past six in the morning, Glenn awoke to his annoying alarm clock that was signalling it was time to get ready for school. His unkempt, black hair always enraged him in the morning. He ate a small breakfast of cereal and chocolate milk, and collected his tools for another dull day of school.
It was a quarter past seven now, Glenn had just realized he didn't do his zoology homework. He went into his mother's dark bedroom and tried to kiss his mother good-bye but missing, it was too dark in Mrs. Fray's room to even barely see her face. "Have a nice day," whispered Glenn as he went to exit his house and walk to the Shermad High School.
It was on the last corner before Glenn reached Shermad High that he noticed the first sign of something peculiar - Shermad's sheriff, Steven Dread, was examining a crime scene, along with other local officers. These crime scenes had been showing up for the last few months at the least, and they just kept coming. There was apparently a serial killer on the loose. Glenn decided to continue on with his usual 20 minute walk to Shermad High.
Once Glenn finally entered the huge school, he walked up the few stairs that led straight to the school's lobby. White, his least favorite color, and that is what the lobby was. As he continued walking straight forward heading to the zoology lab he thought of nothing except a well planned disection of a horse his class had planned on ever since last week, and this was the day they had planned to disect on.
When the glass started at rougly a quarter till eight, Glenn stopped focusing on the upcoming disection in zoology. He wondered why the serial killer still wasn't caught, Stever Dread seemed so very determined to catch him. Last night he noticed there was a very large search for a escaped convict, and the convict's body was found, but his eyes were cut out along with the rest of what was previously inside of his head, brain and all. Glenn's attention was soon brought back to zoology when he heard his teacher's usual speech.
"Turn in last night's homework, and prepare for today's work!"
Glenn stopped thinking as soon as he heard those words, and he became numb with fear. He couldn't get another bad grade in this class because he hadn't done any of last week's assignments, his grade was getting so bad in this class. Glenn soon began to come up with a plan on what he should do, good results were clearly going to be his. His zoology teacher, Mr. Bluee, who stoody short and skinny, with his unkemp blonde hair restin on the just the top of his forehead, was sitting on his comfortable tan chair reviewing notes at the front of the classroom, while Glenn got out of his seat and walked over towards him.
"My mother was ill again," Glenn grunted, as Mr. Bluee stood firm. "It's okay, I know how hard it is to have sick mother, mine died just a couple of years ago. Turn it in tomorrow, and I will give you full credit," Mr. Bluee ordered Glenn. Mr. Bluee got out of his chair and went over to the only door that led to his small, white, and rectangular lab, and closed it slowly. Mr. Bluee's class seemed prepared for their disection today, and he wanted no distraction from the outside of his classroom. Why he was given this bland lab was a conundrum to him. Mr. Bluee was always considered one of the best science teachers of Shermad High, and yet he was always given to bad labs to teach in. Mr. Bluee then began his instructions for the experiment.
"Today we will be disecting a horse, get your pencils ready for some notes! I will show you everything inside of this young horse's head, and I expect you to remember every single detail!"

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